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Red Wine Full Set Sport Boots

Red Wine Full Set Sport Boots

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We are so excited to team up with another amazing small Made in America business to bring you these sport boots.

Medium Front boots are 10" tall and 9-10" circumference

Medium Rear boots are 11" tall and 9-10" circumference 

These sport boots are designed with:

-Protection against overreaching/striking of your horse's cannon bone, tendons and soft tissues

-Heavy duty velcro

-Neoprene exterior for flexibility and protection

-Lyrca binding to help prevent dirt from getting into the boot

-Suspensory strap to help with hyperextension. Protective layering on rear boots to protect against hard stops.

-Smooth neoprene inner lining for protection and cushion

It's recommended to only have your boots on during work/training. We do not recommend leaving any boots on for long periods of time as they can prevent your horse's legs from cooling properly.

*These boots are not guaranteed to prevent injury to your horse. Injuries can happen even with leg protection*