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About Us

Little Paint Leather LLC is a branch from our original company Magic's Custom Tack! We decided to start re-branding our in stock items on a different website so we could offer more payment options and a more streamlined buying/shipping process! Little Paint Leather was founded in March of 2020 and became an LLC at the beginning of 2021!
My name is Nikki McCollum and I'm the owner of both Magic's and LPL! Both businesses were name dafter my beloved little paint horse, Magic! I began leather crafting back in 2011 at the age of 15. With my parents helping me with legalities while I was still a minor, I was able to have a fully functioning and successful business by the time I turned 18! Yes, I'm still a little young, but aside from a 3 month "real" job I had at 18, this business has been my sole source of income and my life's biggest passion even more so than horses..although I don't always like admitting that lol! Thanks for stopping by!